2019 Wedding Trends

At halfway through the year and in the middle of wedding season, we’re doing a recap on 2019 wedding trends we’ve seen so far. Weddings this year are all about individuality. The events are breaking away from the traditional a bit with more vibrant colors and additional activities. We spoke to a few wedding professionals on trends they’ve seen while planning or working a wedding, along with a few things that our Philadelphia Weddings team has seen.

 1. Late Night Snack Stations (Ariane Graham, Phoenixville Foundry):

Snack stations have become increasingly popular in the last year. At the end of a long day, guests may enjoy some classic Philadelphia foods like cheesesteak and soft pretzels. A still very popular tradition has been “donut walls.” These pieces are an easy addition to weddings as a way to wind down the night.

2019 Wedding Trends

2. Pre-Wedding and After Party Spaces (Domenick Savinao, Drexelbrook CPCE):

As one of the most important times in your life, more couples are finding that they want to spread out their wedding activities.  For couples that want this, they may find places like Drexelbrook more suitable as it has a hotel, restaurant/bar, and ballroom all in one area. This takes away the need for travel as well. Wedding weekends are especially nice for weddings with guests from out of town. Wedding weekenders can prepare and settle in Friday night, perhaps enjoying a drink at the bar or grabbing a bite to eat, celebrate their wedding Saturday, and have a post-wedding Sunday brunch the following day. These types of venues are great for when you don’t want the party to end!

2019 Wedding Trends

3. Multicolored Bridesmaids Dresses (Tim Sudall, Allure Films CEO):

Veering away from the traditional wedding, multicolored bridesmaids’ dresses have made an appearance. In the past, the only difference between dresses were a slightly altered dress for the maid or matron of honor. Currently, some brides choose dresses that, while the same color, may come in different shades of that color. This lets your bridesmaids stand out and have some more individuality than the traditional dress while still being able to come together as a group.

2019 Wedding Trends

4. Throwback Music (Kurt Titchenell, BVTLive Founder): 

Kurt from BVTLive oversees all of his wedding bands and DJs. Lately, couples have been requesting more “throwback” music from the 80’s and 90’s. This type of music may spark more nostalgia for couples and their guests. Popular throwback music may also span better over multiple generations, allowing everyone to sing and dance along. 

2019 Wedding Trends

5. Interactive Food Stations:

In addition to the other food-related 2019 wedding trends, interactive food stations have also become popular. To add some excitement to the cocktail hour or wedding reception, couples may want to spice up their catering options. Many caterers now provide interactive sites where guests can watch chefs prepare different foods. This can add variety to the catering options and keeps guests entertained even more. 

2019 Wedding Trends

6. Big, Beautiful. and Over-the-Top Cakes

Naked cakes were a big trend last year, but now couples are steering more toward to show-stopping, over the top cakes. These cakes are a decoration in themselves and are guaranteed to impress. They make for beautiful photos and make the cutting of the cake even more special. 

2019 Wedding Trends

6. Wedding Painters

A lovely addition to a wedding is a live wedding painter. These talented artists paint a specific scene, usually from the reception. They will paint guests and the of course the bride and groom. Paintings can vary from the first dance, cutting of the cake, and more. Throughout the night, guests can walk by and view the progress of the painting. The best part is, after the wedding is over, couples now have a beautiful painting directly from their wedding day. 

2019 Wedding Trends

8. Large Bridal Parties and “Bridesmen” and “Groomswomen”

One major change recently we’ve seen is large bridal parties. Many weddings now may have bridal parties with up to 10 bridesmaids. Not only are we seeing large bridal parties, but also an addition of “bridesmen” or “groomswomen.” Brides and Grooms don’t want to leave out some of their best friends in their party, so they’ve opted to add them in as bridesmen or groomswomen. This way everyone is involved and has a place on the big day.  

9. Groomsmen Statement Pieces

When most people think of groomsmen’s outfits, it’s simple. Usually a black suit or tux. One way to add some detail to the groomsmen’s wardrobe is to add a statement piece. One of the most popular trends is matching patterned socks. These may show the groom’s love for a favorite sports team or superhero. There are endless possibilities. This trend keeps things classy while still having a little fun. 

10. Incorporating Pets

Who can resist adding their furry friend to the wedding? Animals are important to so many people and many couples have adopted pets together. To some couples, pets are the beginning of their family. Couples may even give their pets jobs, like being the ring bearer! As long as they can behave, pets are an adorable addition to wedding pictures and videos. Before bringing your pet to your big day, make sure that someone can watch them during the ceremony and that the venue allows them. 

We hope you enjoy these peak 2019 Wedding Trends! Let us know in the comments which are your favorite and if you have seen any additional wedding trends.

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