2019 Winter Wedding Trends

Winter Wedding Photo by Allure Films

While wedding season is usually considered from spring to early fall, winter weddings can be nothing short of magical. The holidays are coming up quickly, and what better way to gather with friends than to celebrate a wedding? Unless you’re planning on an outdoor wedding, the winter is a great time to get married. Generally, venues drop in price during the slower winter months as well. There are many benefits to having a winter weddings, and we love the trends that come along with them. Take a look at our favorite weddings trends from the colors, to flowers, to venues, and more! 

Winter Colors:

We love jewel tones in both the fall and winter, but our favorite for the winter is ruby red. This color can be incorporated from dresses, to flowers, to decor. Red is a rich color that can be used to make your wedding something bold, or accentuate the details. 

Emerald green is also a beautiful color to use in your wedding. Both of these colors may seem bold, but can be used together greatly. If you’re celebrating your wedding around Christmas, these colors work together even better, especially in your florals and greenery. 

If you don’t want your wedding to feel too Christmas-y, navy blue is also a great tradition winter color. This color can meld greatly with other colors as well without feeling overwhelming. 

winter colors

Florals and Decor:

Red and green can be eye-catching on your big day, but may seem bold to put together. Accentuate your winter wedding with sprigs of holly or poinsettias to make it feel like a winter wonderland. Holly also perfect mixes with roses, if you want to stick with more traditional flowers, but add some winter flair. 

winter wedding

Comfort Food:

The holiday season and winter are prime comfort food times. You can incorporate these into your wedding with rich flavors and a hot meal. Think soups, roasts, and pastries. Keep you and your guests warm with these holiday favorites. Don’t forget the veggies though! Brussel sprouts, spinach, and carrots are our preferred vegetables in the winter time. Keep these by your side to add some freshness to your meal. 

winter wedding

Specialty Drinks:

Like the food, your drink should keep your warm as well. Hot chocolate and coffee stations are popular at fall and winter weddings. Add your favorite whiskey, schnapps, or baileys to add some extra warmth to your drink! Cranberry vodkas are always a classic, but taste even better in the winter. To spice up the tradition, add some ginger beer and lime to make it into a cranberry mule.

winter wedding

Our Winter Venue Pick:

The Crystal Tea Room is a great venue for a winter wedding. The Wannamaker building is filled with rich history in itself. On the first floor, the Macy’s Christmas Light show is happening, filling the building with holiday spirit. In the Crystal Tea Room, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful sparkling chandeliers. Find your winter wonderland in the Crystal Tea Room. Replace the sparkling but cold snow with the beautiful, sparkling chandeliers at this venue. Of course, an added bonus to the space is the wonderful service from Finley Catering, that will make your wedding one of a kind. 

Crystal Tea Room

Winter Attire:

Winter wedding attire is all about the accessories. A beautiful fur coat can make a wedding dress look even more elegant! Some extra layers are usually necessary for a winter wedding, and a warm coat can make all the difference for traveling, especially if your ceremony and receptions venues differ. Long sleeved dresses are also popular as well during the winter. Bring in more sparkling layers that lightweight lace. Winter wedding dresses are beautiful and usually fuller than other seasons. 

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