5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer with Allure Films

Allure Films Captures Bride and Groom Kiss at Overbrook Golf Club

Wedding Videography is sometimes overlooked or is one of the first things to go once you begin planning for your big day. But years after your wedding, you will likely regret not hiring a wedding videographer. Investing upfront for documentation of one of the best days of your life is priceless. Having your wedding day film allows you to experience the memories over and over throughout your lifetime. 

We partnered with Allure FIlms to bring you their top 5 reasons to hire a wedding videographer for your wedding day.

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer with Allure Films

1. You’re creating a family heirloom.

When you capture your wedding on video, you are capturing it forever. But, you aren’t only getting your wedding film for your lifetime, but for your children and grandchildren as well. This is a video that will be passed down for generations.

Do you ever look at your great grandparents’ black and white wedding photos and wonder what it felt like to be there on their wedding day? Imagine how your great-grandchildren will feel watching your big day years down the road! Make memories and history by capturing your wedding with a videography team.

Allure Films Captures Bride and Groom Kiss at Overbrook Golf Club
Snapshot from a Video by Allure Films

2. You can make watching your wedding video an anniversary tradition.

When you have your wedding day on film, you are able to immerse yourself in the best day of your life over and over. Why not treat yourself to your frozen wedding cake and a private showing of your wedding video on your first anniversary? Remind yourself of your love and the life you are growing as a couple by watching your wedding day video every year (or more)! 

With Allure Film’s wedding video packages, you get a variety of shots and video lengths and sizes. The shareable version is perfect for social media. But, the real winner is the long-form 90-minute video that highlights every perfect moment of your wedding. The best part is, the videos are yours. So, you are able to watch it any time you want!

 3. A wedding videographer captures the in-between moments.

When couples are deciding whether or not to hire a wedding videographer, the question is often, “Why do we need a photographer and a videographer?”. Photographs and videos compliment each other well but they capture very different things. Photos are great for catching moments, but a video gives you the opportunity to watch those moments unfold. 

It’s impossible to be everywhere, and having one or more videographers at your venue will allow them to capture everything you may have missed. You won’t want to miss grandpa and grandma dancing or your bridesmaids having fun together. But, sometimes you just get caught up with the excitement and socialization on your big day and you don’t these events. You can’t be everywhere at once!

With a wedding video, you will see moments you may have missed, and so will your guests! Not everyone has perfect vision or a front-row seat, so you are doing everyone a favor by capturing your wedding on video. Your wedding film will capture your wedding story exactly as it unfolds. 

Allure Films captures Overbrook Golf Club Outdoor Wedding
Overbrook Golf Club Outdoor Wedding Captured by Allure Films

4. You’ll be able to share your video with the people who couldn’t make it.

It’s inevitable that some of the people you love won’t be able to make it to your wedding, whether that be because of timing or location. Plus, your guest list is limited! How nice would it be to have the ability to share the love of your day with your wedding video so you can share the love with everyone you wished could be there celebrating with you?

Especially if you have a small wedding or decide to elope, you won’t want to miss out on sharing your love with your friends and family who weren’t able to make it. Elopements and destination weddings make it especially difficult to include all of your friends and family. But, many wedding videographers will still travel to catch it on film! 

Plus, with the prevalence of social media right now, we know you will want to push it out on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok… we could go on. Sharing your big day is half of the fun. It makes a difference to have the feeling of your wedding day translate with a video. Allure Films even gives you a shareable clip that is optimized for sharing your wedding video on social media!

5. Movement and sound are captured best on video.

With video, you can capture it all. Catch your first dance with your song playing. Capture the tears, the laughs, and the smiles. Document your vows and your wedding speeches. None of these things can be documented fully unless you have it on video. Don’t miss out on these special, intimate memories.

These are very emotional moments and to capture the full effect, these added elements are necessary. Reading your vows or speeches will never have the same effect as it did on you the first time. You will want to have these moments encapsulated forever. 

We understand that videography is often overlooked or the first thing to go when you plan your wedding, but a wedding video is something you will cherish for years to come. Videos and photos work together cohesively, but they both provide very unique documentation of the day. Your wedding video tells a story. 

Preserve these beautiful memories with a wedding videographer. You won’t want to regret not getting this once-in-a-lifetime celebration on film. Don’t miss out. Now that you know why you should hire a wedding videographer, we want to also make sure you hire the right videographer. With over 20 years of experience, we want to thank Allure Films for sharing their expertise with this article. The talented team has filmed hundreds of weddings in the Philadelphia area and is a Philadelphia Wedding’s top pick each year. Take a look at one of their latest wedding videos above, and explore their website for more gorgeous films!