BVTLive! Wedding Band Showcase


BVTLive! Showcase

Find the wedding band of your dreams with BVTLive! Our editors at Philadelphia Weddings attended BVTLive’s Band Showcase last week at Ardmore Music Hall and had a blast! Midnight Hour, Experience, Strangers, and Carnivále performed, each blowing us away. The energy in the room was so fun and exciting! Each band connected with the audience and showed us how they get the party going. If you missed this past showcase, don’t worry! BVTLive hosts live showcases every two weeks, so on June 20th more BVTLive bands will be performing! Be sure to register here and check out their event schedule. Registration is free! Grab your significant other, family, and friends and watch your potential wedding band perform live!

BVTLive! Wedding Bands

BVTLive has 10 talented bands who all play a range of music. At their showcases, BVTLive has four bands perform. They switch up who’s playing each showcase, so you can see their variety of talent each time you come! Let’s dive into the band who played at the showcase this week.

Midnight Hour Band

With nearly 20 years of experience, Midnight Hour has built quite the reputation. They play at some of the finest venues spanning from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Midnight Hour is very authentic and versatile. For example, they play songs written by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong to artists like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. They ended their performance by singing 20 different songs in three minutes! This truly showcased their versatilely and talent with effortless transitions. With a 10 piece sound in an 8 member wedding band, they brought the energy to set the mood for the night. The whole room was singing and dancing along with the band! Their engagement with the crowd felt very natural and upbeat.

Midnight Hour Wedding Band
Photo: Haley Richter Photography

Experience by Eddie Bruce

Up next was Experience! This wedding band picked up right where Midnight Hour left it. They had an incredible stage presence and energy! Over the past 35 years, Experience has performed at almost every major local Gala, along with thousands of parties in the Philadelphia area. Whether you prefer Jazz classics, Top Hits of today, Motown, or all three, Experience can play any genre with ease. They’re very versatile! This 9-12 member band is led by Philly legend Eddie Bruce. He gathered some of the most talented and experienced musicians to create a sophisticated, high energy and interactive band. Their talent and energy keeps everyone on the dance floor. Experience will keep the party going all night long!

Experience Wedding Band Performing
Photo: Phillip Gabriel Photography

Strangers Band

Next up to perform was Strangers. This band is perfect for people of all ages! Their versatility is unmatched. For instance, they can play Classic, R&B, Funk, Swing, Contemporary Rock, and Standards! The options are endless. Strangers can play any music that you like to dance to! Their diverse mix of talent is what makes the Stranger who they are. For over 30 years, Strangers have been playing together. Their 11 member band has a talented horn section and amazing vocalists. Together, they create an incredible rhythm that will keep you singing and dancing all night. In addition to this, the Strangers are interactive throughout the night and will help make your wedding day run smoothly. If your’e looking for a fun and engaging wedding band, then the Strangers are for you!

Strangers Wedding Band
Photo: Kelly Pullman Photography

Carnivále Band

Last but not least, Carnivále! This powerhouse of a band ended the night with fantastic energy. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous night! This 11 member band has extensive experience performing. With over 25 years of experience, Carnivále has authenticity and richness like no other. They are a powerful band with strong sound. Not to mention, they are also extremely versatile. Jazz, 70’s Funk, Soul, R&B, Country, and Pop are just a few genres that they perform. They will work with you to ensure that they play the songs that you want. Their mix of talented vocalists and musicians will amaze you. They create a beautiful rhythm and energy that makes you want to keep moving. Carnivále is a force to be reckoned with!

Carnivále Wedding Band Performing
Photo: Susan Stripling

Ardmore Music Hall

Ardmore Music Hall is one of the best venues for live music on the Main Line and Philadelphia region. After some major renovations, Ardmore Music Hall is better than ever! The venue features a state-of-the-art sound system, a large dance floor, an intimate stage, and an impressive amazing balcony and downstairs seating. In addition to this, there are 4 bars on 2 floors with wide variety of beers, cocktails, and wine options. There’s also a delicious food menu created by their partners at Ripplewood. In short, the vibe at this venue is immaculate. It truly the perfect space for parties and events, with parking right across the street.

Ardmore Music Hall wedding band showcase venue

The venue is located at 23 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore PA, 19003, just 3 miles outside Philadelphia. Be sure to catch BVTLive’s next showcase on June 20th at Ardmore Music Hall! Register here.