Evantine Design

Evantine Design
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At Evantine Design, what is imagined blossoms into a reality beyond your wildest dreams. Our only goal is to create an alluring experience that inspires your spirit and dazzles your guests.

Evantine Design elevates your vision to a new, epic level, expertly orchestrating a truly original celebration that impacts all the senses in unexpected, unimaginable ways. We do that by methodically planning and designing your event with these award-winning production services:

  • -Event Planning, Coordination, and Management
  • -Wedding Planning, Bridal Styling, and Wedding Day Dresser
  • -Theatrical Lighting Design, Sound Reinforcement, and Video Production
  • -Stage Management, Technical Direction, and Entertainment Acquisition
  • -Floral Decor, Set Design, and Environmental Design
  • -Custom Fabrication and Event Rentals
  • -Menu Design and Food Styling
  • -Creative Services, Graphic Design, and Content Development
  • -Party Games and Group Activities
  • -Hospitality and Transportation Management