Expert’s Corner: Philip Gabriel Photography

Professional Wedding Photographers

This week we interviewed the Philip Gabriel Photography team to get some insight of the world of wedding photography. Philip Gabriel Photography was started 14 years ago by Gabe Fredericks, who got his inspiration for photography from his father, Philip Fredericks. We asked Gabe and his team a few questions about being professional wedding photographers.

1. What is the most important thing to look for/ask when selecting a photographer?

“When looking for a photographer, it is very important to find someone you enjoy working with, someone you trust and someone you know can capture the connection between you and your fiancé as well the connection with your family and friends. Your photographer is someone you will work with before wedding day, developing a timeline and other logistics, during wedding day, creating beautiful images and after wedding day. When you enjoy the person behind the camera, it allows you to relax and create more genuine, happy expressions throughout the day. It is also so important that you trust your photographer to capture all of the important moments throughout the day. We know that some of the biggest moments on wedding day can happen in a split second, so it is crucial that you trust your photographer will capture each moment so you can just enjoy being with the ones you love. So when looking for your photographer, find someone you enjoy being around and someone that you trust, because enjoying the team you work with is equally as important as the images they produce.”

2.. What are some photography trends you’re currently seeing?

“One photography trend I am seeing more of is clients opting for beautifully handcrafted wedding albums. In the past, many of our clients just wanted the digital files from wedding day in the hopes they will have time to create one on their own, only to find that the time never comes. Our clients really enjoy our assistance and guidance throughout the design process and are now appreciating the time it takes to make these beautiful heirloom albums from start to finish. While digital images are fantastic, there’s nothing else that brings a photo more to life than seeing it in print!”

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

“Without a doubt, my favorite part is receiving a phone call, email or handwritten note after our clients see their images for the first time. Hearing the joy and love for the moments we captured is what keeps me going and energized to continue to do my very best. I love making our clients happy!

My second favorite, is hearing from the parents of a past wedding we captured looking to hire us for another wedding! Being part of other families’ lives in this way, makes it feel like I am photographing one of my own relatives weddings, which then allows us to capture even more intimate and emotional images. I feel so lucky everyday that I get to do what I do!”

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