Our Favorite Fall Wedding Trends

As of September 23rd, it’s officially fall. Fall weddings can be some of the most beautiful weddings. They take on a different style than the usual brightness and vibrancy of summer wedding. Fall weddings usually focus around the color of autumn leaves, such as burgundy, deep oranges, and ochre yellows. They can also include beautiful jewel tones for a more dramatic color palette. Another great aspect of a fall wedding is that you can avoid the heat. Outdoor fall weddings are great for couples that don’t want to deal with the humidity and heat of a summer wedding but still want to enjoy the outdoors before it gets cold. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite fall wedding trends.

Wooden Pieces:

fall wedding trends

When most people think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind is foliage. Wood pieces always compliment an autumn wedding, and especially mesh well with fall leaf colors. 

Copper and Gold Accents:

fall wedding trends

Adding metallics to your wedding can add an extra depth into your color pallette. Warm metallics like copper and gold nicely accent jewel tones and fall colors to give your decor a little something extra. 

Jewel Tones:

fall wedding trends

Instead of opting for the regular autumn leaf colors, we’re all about embracing jewel tones. Jewel tones are deep and rich in color and add an extra feeling of elegance. Deep burgundy, vibrant teal, and red-toned purples are some of our favorite. Pair these with the gold or copper accents to make you feel like royalty on your big day. 

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses:

fall wedding trends

When planning a fall wedding, brides may opt for a long-sleeved dress as the weather cools down. Lacy long sleeves and and ivory colored dress make for the perfect autumn dress.

Fall Pastries:

fall wedding trends

When diving into the fall season, a lot of people get excited for the baked goods that come along with it. Add some to your wedding either as part of the dessert or a late night snack for a delicious addition to your wedding day. These donut walls have been especially popular in the last year and work as great late night snacks as well!

Rustic Wedding Venues:

Phoenixville Foundry

Instead of choosing the traditional hotel or ballroom, veer toward something with more of a rustic vibe. We suggest the Phoenixville Foundry as one of our favorite rustic wedding venues. They have outdoor spaces with a view of the changing leaves from the Column Truss Bridge and inside, the rustic and industrial-styled ballroom and mezzanine. 

Let us know what your favorite fall wedding trend is! 

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