Favorite Winter Wedding Trends For 2021

Winter is fast approaching and we’re so ready for winter wedding season! Winter weddings are about having simple festive details while keeping things classy and elegant. We’re here to share with you our favorite winter wedding trends. From decor, to florals, to little details, find your answers here! 

Winter Colors: 

Winter is all about the bold, festive colors. Forest green and maroon are the perfect combo for a winter wedding. Navy blue and grey are also great options for an elegant winter feel. These colors are classy and sophisticated without being tacky. They are  great choices for bridesmaid’s dresses, table runners, or little details for decor. 

Beautiful winter wedding
Lovely winter colors

Floral and Decor: 

When it comes to winter bouquets, involving pine cones, wood, pine leaves, foliage, or berries is a must for a classic winter feel. Adding these details into a bouquet will take it to the next level. Foliage crowns are also becoming very popular. Having your flower girl or bridesmaids wear one is the perfect detail for a winter wedding. When it comes to decor, including fairy lights, candles, glass vases, crushed velvet and metallic accents, and ribbons creates a cozy, holiday vibe that will leave your guests feeling like they are in a winter wonderland.  

Winter floral decor
Adorable winter flower girl

Bridal Fashion: 

For the perfect dress that captures the winter aesthetic, long sleeve a-line dresses with lace are flawless. Including shawls, fur, and capes are the perfect detail that will also keep you warm when taking photos outside. Adding crushed velvet and metallic accessories to the outfit can make it stand out more and put the winter feel over the top. When it comes to hair and makeup, a classy updo or curls with soft makeup and a bold lip color will complete the winter look. 

Gorgeous winter bridal fashion 
Stunning winter bridal fashion

Wedding Cakes: 

A big trend for winter wedding cakes are tiered, rustic cakes. These cakes have minimal icing with foliage or snowflake details. They also include winter flowers and colors to tie the theme together. These cakes are not the traditional wedding cake, but they fit the aesthetic for a winter wedding. Making your wedding cake your own to match your style and theme is the ultimate goal!

Elegant winter themed cake 
Rustic winter themed cake

Food and Drink: 

When planning a wedding in winter, it is important to create an environment that goes with the theme. When it comes to food, having warm comfort food such as soup, warm sandwiches, roasted veggies, and warm desserts are perfect for capturing the coziness of a winter wedding. Including fun favors like hot chocolate bombs or a hot chocolate bar gets the guests excited and gets them more involved in your special day. Winter themed cocktails are also a must for a winter wedding. Having an open bar along with a few winter themed drinks matches the theme while giving the guests options. 

Fun kitchen add on 
Fun winter themed food

Other Details: 

Winter weddings are a mix of being elegant while also having comfy holiday vibes. Having blankets around for guests during the ceremony or reception is a nice detail to make your guests more comfortable in the winter weather. Including fun winter favors for guests makes them remember your special day. Some include: custom ornaments, with the wedding date on it or a custom winter theme candle with the date and name of the couple. These favors are custom and gives your guests something they can use. 

Personalized decor 
Fun hot chocolate bar

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