Featured Philadelphia Wedding Venue: Appleford Estate

Appleford Estate 2019 Editors Choice Award

Appleford Estate is the perfect Wedding Venue location

Appleford will make your wedding feel nothing short of a fairy tale. The sprawling 24 acres of land is covered in gardens, streams, and forestry. The beautiful land creates a serene area perfect for the intimacy of a wedding. Within the gardens, the beautiful stone manor and terrace are great for receptions.  For those who want an unforgettable outdoor wedding, this is your wedding venue. 

Appleford Estate Wedding Venue Outside View
Perfect wedding venue location for Garden Style weddings
Appleford Estate Garden Style Wedding
Beautiful outside wedding venue view

Right on the Main Line, you don’t have to travel far from the city to get to this magical venue. During the day, if there are events in progress, the public may enjoy strolling through the gardens. This is a great way to truly experience the venue’s landscape and offerings. Within Appleford, there are four different types of gardens along with the covered terrace. Not only are these grounds beautiful, but they are also historic. The land, originally granted by William Penn, has original architecture from 300 years ago. The Appleford Committee now takes care of the grounds and preserves Appleford ‘s history. 

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Appleford Estate Outside Wedding
Scenic wedding venue view

We talked to the Executive Director of Appleford, Laurie McGrath, to get some more insight on Appleford.
She shared with us that one of the things that makes Appleford a perfect venue is the perfect garden setting. “Appleford is a handsome, understated example of early Pennsylvania architecture. It is both an arboretum and bird sanctuary with water features and gardens designed by Thomas Sears. The grounds offer numerous backdrops for photographs.”

When asked about recent trends she has experienced, she told us that lately many couples are booking their wedding close to the engagement date. Long engagements seem to be a thing of the past.
In closing, Laurie suggests that when you are looking for the perfect venue, concentrate on one item that matters to you the most. Whether that be the beautiful venue, good food, drinks, or entertainment.

Appleford Estate Seating View
Enjoy your special day
Appleford Estate Terrace Tent
Enjoy special events in Appleford’s Terrace Tent

Recently, we got a firsthand look at a very special wedding at Appleford. One of our friends from Philip Gabriel Photography had her wedding here. Check out Allure Films‘ video from Anya and Russell’s wedding to see exactly what an Appleford wedding looks like.

Video by Allure Films
Special thank you to our media partners at Philip Gabriel Photography for all of the lovely photos

For more on Appleford, visit their website here!

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