Featured Philadelphia Wedding Venue: The Baldwin School

Wedding Venue – The Baldwin School

Featured Philadelphia Wedding Venue is the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA. Built in 1890, this French-styled building has transformed from hotel to school. The unique architecture created beautiful scenery inside and out. The Baldwin School had multiple rooms to host different parts of your event. Each room has beautiful hardwood floors and Victorian-style elegance. Outside, guests will be wowed by the lush greenery, towering oak trees, and clean maintenance of the grounds.

The Baldwin School

The Foyer’s grand staircase makes for a perfect photo opportunity. The main entrance also has a large wood burning fireplace, adding to the venue’s rustic charm. The deep set windows and wood paneled walls also showcase the building’s distinctive architecture. 

Every aspect of the venue shows the historic value from years of upkeep and preservation. Even though the building was created in 1890, this venue feels like a brand new wedding experience, unique from the traditional hotel or restaurant setting.  


For more on The Baldwin School, check out their vendor page. 

Special thanks to Philip Gabriel Photography for these photos.