Finding a Limo

Finding a Limo
Ryan Shaer from Ace Limousine gave us tips on finding a limo service for your wedding:

1. Always work with a local company – be sure to use an experienced, trustworthy company in your local area (within 40 miles) and not a limousine broker. A limousine broker is an online database that will take your reservation and sell it to the lowest bidder, so you never know what you’re getting.

2. Check Reviews- Do your research. Check reviews on multiple sites such as Google, Yelp, wedding websites, etc.

3. Vehicle Age- After finding the right company & before choosing a vehicle, always ask for live pictures of the exact vehicle that you will be renting and not stock photos. If possible, go to see the vehicle in person. You do not want your wedding limousine to show up with rust or dents.

If you follow these pro tips, you should have a successful rental for any event.

For more information on Ace Limousine, visit their Wedding Vendor Page here!

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