Fun Wedding Tips from Allure Films

Wedding Couple Looking at Each other

We asked Tim Sudall from Allure Films for some of his favorite wedding tips! He gave us four fun and helpful tips for future brides.

Late Night Snack Stations

Towards the end of a long day, guests may be hungry and looking for something to snack on. You can never go wrong with classic Philadelphia foods like cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. For something sweeter, maybe consider cookies or even a donut wall! They’ve been all the rage recently and will be a memorable feature form your wedding. Snack stations are an easy addition to any wedding! They’ll keep people satisfied while winding down for the night.

Late Night Snack Station

Venue History

So many venues in Philadelphia are filled with history without people realizing. By writing a summary, guests can learn more about your venue and have a greater appreciation for the history that took place there. You can include this on your wedding invitation or pamphlet at your ceremony. Not only will this give people more of an understanding of the venue, but people can learn interesting facts that might surprise them! 

Groom Outfit Change

Outfit changes give guests an extra little surprise during your wedding. Everyone is patiently waiting to see the newly married couple and an outfit change just increases the excitement! Usually brides change their dress between the ceremony and reception, but why can’t the groom also? Before the big walkout, have the groom change his suit jacket to another color or style! Or the inside of the jacket can reveal a special embroidery or color to show off. This is a perfect way to add a little fun to your wedding day.

Groom Posing in Wedding Suit

Program Fans

While summer time can have gorgeous weather, extreme heat is also a strong possibility. Don’t let the hot weather steer you away from your dream outdoor wedding. Program fans are the perfect solution! These multi-purposed fans will keep guests informed while keeping them cool. Everyone will be comfortable during your wedding ceremony, and will have a unique souvenir to take home!

Thank you Tim Sudall for these helpful tips, and thank you to Morby Photography for the pictures used in this post!

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