Hometown Hospitality Stars


Featuring CEO Domenick Savino, CPCE, of The Drexelbrook

We’re so honored to be featuring some of Philadelphia’s Hometown Hospitality Stars. We want to see the positives that have happened to the industry over the last few months. We are starting with The Drexelbrook Event Center. The Drexelbrook is a cater, event center, restaurant, and hotel. They have had to pivot and make some changes in today’s times. Today we interviewed Dom Savino, CPCE for his insight and asked him the following questions.

1. What is a way you’ve seen the community come together during this time?

“A crisis tends to bring out the best in a community. We have witnessed neighbors helping strangers, young caring for the old, first responders becoming heroes and our own hospitality community join to help each other in times of great need.”

2. What is something your company has done for the community?

“At Drexelbrook, we co-founded along with VisitDelcoPA.com, the official tourism bureau of Delaware County, PA. a food program to help the frontline workers. What began as we would like to donate a few meals to a local hospital rapidly turned into “Food for the Frontline”. We quickly learned that while many companies were donating food, it was not always healthy or nutritious. Healthcare workers work long and difficult hours. We developed a protein-packed, gluten-free meal that could be consumed hot or cold and traveled easily. Through donations, we produced over 5000 meals delivered to over a dozen hospitals, 911 center, police, and fire companies.”


3. What is a positive change you’ve seen in your company over the last few months?

“We have seen our team working together in a new way. Everyone had to move outside of their comfort zones and start thinking of different ways to continue our business successfully. Creative ideas spark from coming together instead of thinking individually, and our sales and marketing team has proven that.”

4. What is your forecast for the future of the wedding industry?

“Should we be able to resume full operations, 2021 will be a banner year for the wedding industry. New brides coupled with those who moved from 2020 to 2021 will create an increased demand for all wedding services from venues to video and everything in between. I believe that people in general still want to celebrate one of life’s true milestones with their family and friends.”

Drexelbrook Wedding

5. What is a positive change you’ve seen in the event industry?

“Relationship building has never been better. There is true spirit of “we are not competitors” but we are friends trying to help each other succeed. Friendships have been built, ideas are shared, staff are being shared and there is a real sense of camaraderie among the hospitality industry.”

Domenick Savino of Drexelbrook, right, Joe Volpe of Cescaphe Event Group, center, and Tim Sudall of Allure Films, left.

6. What is your favorite story from the last few months from your industry or company?

“Some of my favorite moments or story from these past few months are based on experiences. I have witnessed families spending more time together, hospital workers in tears when receiving a delivery of our food. Donating food the CityTeam Ministries in Chester PA and just seeing the expressions on their faces. Becoming a “zoom” regular, forming a non-profit and advocating for our industry are just a few great moments to cherish.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in all different ways. It is refreshing to see a positive take on this part of the year. We will continue to hear from more Event Professionals in the near future. Keep up to date with us by following us on our website, facebook, and instagram.