How to Incorporate “Something Blue” for Your Wedding

something blue

Every bride has heard the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” when planning their wedding. These items are supposed to be good luck charms for a bride on her big day. When planning, however, the “something blue” may seem tricky when wedding-wear is traditionally white. In a new age of wedding planning, many brides are veering away from the traditional. We gathered some inspiration on how to incorporate both and give your wedding that “something blue.” 

1. Blue Shoes

something blue

Most wedding dresses are long enough to cover the shoes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the outfit! Blue wedding shoes are a great way to subtly add something blue to your wardrobe. They add a pop of fun and color to any wedding without feeling overbearing. 


2. Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Your blue addition doesn’t necessarily need to be part of your own wardrobe. Spread the blue into your bridesmaid’s dresses for an addition of color. Luckily, with so many shades and variations, it is easy to land on a color that works for you. 

something blue


3. Florals

Perhaps the easiest way to add in the color is by using blue flowers. Your floral arrangements tend to go hand in hand with your bridesmaids dresses. Flowers can be used as great accent colors for your wedding and break away from the traditional neutrals. 

something blue


4. Jewelry and Hair Accessories

For those who just want a hint of blue to fulfill their luck, a great way to incorporate it is through jewelry. Earrings, hair clips, and bracelets are great for subtly adding some blue. From sapphires to aquamarine gems, the possibilities are endless. A light blue adds a touch of elegance to traditional diamond jewels. 

something blue


5. Nail Polish

Pretty nails always make a look more polished. You’ll be showing off your ring to friends and family. Make you hands stand out even more with a sleek set of blue nail polish. There are hundreds or variations for nail designs, whether you go full color or use an accent nail to show off some blue. 

something blue


There are all different ways to incorporate the color blue into your wedding day. It can be subtle or not, bright or pastel, or any way you like. Your wedding day is all about your style and your vision. Find a common ground between traditional and modern with more ideas on our blog. 

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