How to Involve Your Little Ones in Your Big Day

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Whether it be your own children, cousins, or any other special little ones, you want everyone to be involved on your wedding day. Here are some tips on how to let everyone be a part of the big day.


1. The Flower Girl/Ring Bearer
This is a classic for most wedding days. Everyone loves to see your little one’s personality shine with this fun job. Some have a flair for the dramatic, while others shyly walk down the aisle. It’s cute and fun for all family members to see the little ones helping out.

2. A Bridesmaid/Groomsman
Traditionally, each bridesmaid will walk arm and arm down the aisle with one groomsman. It’s a sweet surprise to see kids involved in this part of the wedding by having a duo walk down the aisle as well. With the additional groomsmen in a tux, and the little bridesmaid in a matching dress, they will fit right in.

3. Give them a special gift on the day of
Many brides and grooms receive gifts from their parents or other important family members on the day of their wedding. Weddings are all about family, and though they are about joining a couple together, their may be some additions to the group. This is especially a good idea for separate families that are joining together as one. Show your little ones that they are part of this day too by giving them something that shows their involvement on the special day.

4. Let them help prepare for the wedding
There are so many details in wedding planning, and people of any age can lend a hand. Children can help with small tasks like stuffing gift bags or putting together invitations. As an extra treat, you can let them help you taste test possible wedding cakes. These ideas are fun for everyone while still getting tasks done.

5. Involve them in a speech or your vows
This, like a gift on the day of, is a good idea for separate families that are joining together as one. It shows that your family is growing together and everyone is important in the decision.

6. Have a special dance
This could be a fun dance where all children at the reception can be involved or a personal dance between children and their mother or father. If the groom has a daughter, an additional father daughter dance can be added in as a special moment.

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