How to Pick Entertainment for Your Wedding with BVTLive!

Fun Wedding Entertainment

Music is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It amplifies the excitement of your guests, gets the crowd in the mood to celebrate, and creates those special moments for your photographer and videographer to capture! The decision on your wedding entertainment will greatly affect your day. Whether it be a full-sized wedding band, a high-end DJ, or a combination of the two, finding the perfect wedding music can determine the success of your wedding day. BVTLive! is Philadelphia’s top entertainment company, providing dance bands, DJs, Specialty acts, featured entertainers, and production enhancements to weddings and corporate events all over the East Coast. Simply put, BVTLive! makes fun happen, and has been doing so for over 25 years. Kurt Titchenell, the owner of BVTLive! as well as the bandleader of the popular Philadelphia dance band Jellyroll, has always had one mission: make client’s dreams come true through the gift of live entertainment while surpassing all expectations and providing our staff and musicians the opportunity
to grow and prosper in a professional environment.

BVTLive! Band Elevation

What BVTLive! offers:

BVTLive! offers an extensive performance portfolio filled with powerhouse musicians, instrumentalists,
vocalists, and more.

BVTLive! exclusively represents 12 award-winning dance bands, seasoned with experience and a lifetime of performances. These dance bands range in size and style but have the same common goal, the commitment to make your wedding day as unique and special as possible for you and your partner. Beyond sterling execution and talent on stage, BVTLive! dance bands get your wedding guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor whilst managing the event flow and MCing your reception. The
ambiance and setting that a live dance band will bring are truly unrivaled. There is nothing better than live music.

BVTLive! Showcase

BVTLive! Live Wedding Band Showcase:

Choosing a dance band can be stressful, but BVTLive! makes it simple for you. Though looking at highlight reels and promo videos can be informative, there is nothing better than experiencing what your band can bring by seeing them perform live. BVTLive! hosts live wedding band showcases regularly on the Main Line at one of the area’s best live music venues, Ardmore Music Hall. Their showcases have been awarded Best of the Main Line and help newly engaged couples experience the talent that their
amazing dance bands can bring to your wedding. At a BVTLive! showcase, you can experience your future wedding band performing live while enjoying refreshments and speaking with your BVTLive! account executive, there to answer any questions for you. For those couples who live out of town and can’t attend a showcase, their website is filled with many live videos that can help you get a true sense of how the band sounds.

Wedding Entertainment Band BVTLive!

DJs, DJ Fusion, and Blends:

If big bands aren’t your style or don’t fit your budget, BVTLive! works with the top DJs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. These seasoned industry professionals know what it takes to get your guests out on the dance floor, all while maintaining a professional atmosphere and planning and scheduling your event. We all know the stereotypes of a “cheap wedding DJ,” and do not fear! BVTLive! only has high-level DJs that will make sure your wedding is a sophisticated, elegant event with a packed
dance floor.

If you love a DJ but still want to incorporate some live music into your wedding day, BVTLive! offers a DJ Blend or DJ Fusion option. If you want live music for your ceremony and cocktail hour followed by a DJ for your reception, BVTLive! calls this a DJ blend and can put together the perfect package. DJ Fusion is the pairing of your DJ with one or more musicians performing in tandem making it an interactive show, bringing an element of live music and energy to your party. This is one of the most popular trends right now for DJ couples whether it be percussion, electric violin, or saxophone with your DJ, BVTLive! Fusion is sure to take your special event to the next level.

Bride and Groom Dance


Additional Production:

In addition to providing music to your wedding ceremony and reception, BVTLive! has an arsenal of production enhancements to bring the ‘WOW’ factor to your big day. These production enhancements include uplighting, photobooths, sparklers, asteras, and much more. BVTLive! can even provide dancers, greeters, jugglers, aerialists, champagne skirts, and more specialty performers to make sure your day is as unforgettable for your guests as it is for you.


BVT Live! account executives frequently ask their clients “When you close your eyes and picture yourself walking into your wedding reception, what entertainment do you imagine seeing there?” Whatever the answer to that question is, they can provide it. Great entertainment makes a great wedding day. Not only does BVTLive! provide experienced, award-winning musicians but has a track record of taking wedding days to new heights by providing something no one else in the Philadelphia area has: a full
immersive entertainment experience.

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