How to Take Engagement Photos in Bad Weather

Navigating unpredictable weather during outdoor photo shoots can be a challenge, especially in a city like Philadelphia known for its erratic conditions. In a recent session outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art [PMA], photographer Jillian McQuerrey faced winds gusting at 36mph. Drawing from her wealth of experience, she shares tips on handling such situations.


1. “Have a backup location in mind.”Consider your favorite dinner spot, coffee shop, or go-to place for drinks. This not only serves as a great backup plan in case of inclement weather but also adds a delightful layer of your unique identity as a couple to the session.

An illustrative example is an engagement session I photographed for a couple who wished to feature

 their favorite city, Philadelphia, as the backdrop. However, on that specific day, it happened to be one of the coldest the city had experienced. The wind blew so forcefully that it nearly pushed me off the steps of the PMA. Consequently, I decided to inquire about the photography policy within the museum, and fortunately, it proved to be favorable. So we opted to do the first part of our session inside the museum so we had a batch of photos that weren’t wind whipping sideways.



2. Reach out to the location ahead of time.

Beforehand, contact the venue to confirm if photography is allowed. It’s crucial to obtain permission from management, ensuring it aligns with their policies. Opt for a time when the establishment isn’t excessively crowded to facilitate a smoother experience.

While dancing in the rain and feeling the wind in your hair can create stunning, dyn

amic engagement shots, I wouldn’t advise it for an entire engagement session. I suggest finding the perfect balance between embracing the elements and ensuring you have a joyful, stress-free experience.”