Hometown Hospitality Stars: Leslie Rosen Catering

Featuring General Manager Ryan Rosen of Leslie Rosen Catering

Our next edition of Hometown Hospitality Stars features Leslie Rosen Catering. Ryan Rosen, the General Manager, gives us some insight on how his company has persisted over the last few months. Leslie Rosen Catering is based out of Bala Cynwd and caters all over the Greater Philadelphia area. Ryan was kind enough to answer the following questions with us about the state of his business and the industry as a whole. 

1. What is a way you’ve seen the community come together during this time?

“What impresses me the most about my community is the care that has been given to each other. Many of my neighbors, friends and clients have reached out to see how they can help each other.” 

2. What is something your company has done for the community?

“We have been lucky to be able to help out first responders with the drop off of food. We delivered to both the police department and fire department sweet bites to show our appreciation for the long hours they are putting in to keep us all safe.”

Leslie Rosen Catering

3. What is a positive change you’ve seen in your company over the last few months?

“We have learned to pivot with doing curbside takeout each week and have picked up a nice amount of business. What I really have enjoyed most recently was doing live catering events again!”

4. What is your forecast for the future of the wedding industry?

“We have been lucky to have catered quite a few micro weddings & family celebrations during the months of August and September. All of these events were outside under tents with open sides. Now that we are moving into a cooler time of year, we are looking into ways of having tented events with the walls mostly closing and adding heaters to the party space. One of the tent companies that we have been speaking with have HEPA style air filters to turn the air space in the tent every 10 minutes. This is very exciting as it will give us a way to do events as we move into the winter months.”

Leslie Rosen Catering

5. What is a positive change you’ve seen in the event industry?

“The most positive change was the ability to pivot to COVID friendly events keeping guests and staff safe while be able to move ahead with celebrations!”

Leslie Rosen Catering

6. What is your favorite story from the last few months from your industry or company?

“At a wedding we were catering on a beautiful Farm in August for about 40 guests we got to see how technology was able to bring family and friends together virtually that were not able to attend. My client hired professionals to set up large screen tv’s and a camera crew to stream the wedding on ZOOM. My favorite part was when the grandfather of the bride who is in his nineties was able to ZOOM from his home and give a speech to the bride. I know how much he wanted to attend but it was amazing that he did not have to miss out on the celebration!”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in all different ways. It is refreshing to see a positive take on this part of the year. We will continue to hear from more Event Professionals in the near future. Keep up to date with us by following us on our website, facebook, and instagram.