Micro Weddings – How to Adjust Your Wedding Day

Mirco Wedding Videgrapher

Micro Weddings are changing the way we celebrate important milestones. Along with micro weddings, there are other ways to adjust your wedding day during the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole industry was thrown for quite the loop in March, but professionals and venues have adjusted to the times. Venues in Philadelphia are adjusting to  the times with micro weddings and zoom video calls. Even though the event industry has taken on some changes, weddings can still be held. In fact, with so many technological advancements, there are still ways to involve all of your loved ones. We have some tips for you on how to continue planning your big day.


First, we understand that planning a wedding is already stressful. Take a deep breath, and figure out your next step. You do not need to pull the plug on your big day altogether, but you will need to pivot. That is where the idea of a boutique or micro wedding comes in. Currently, indoor weddings are limited by a venue’s square footage and ability to physical distance. For most people, this cuts back on their guest list by a large margin. However, there are still other options. Many venues right now are extremely accommodating for couples that planned their wedding during this time. Check with your wedding venue and see if they have outdoor space. Depending on the area, specific venues can hold events up to 125 people outdoors. Rosebank Winery in Newtown, PA, is an example of this. 

 In a recent wedding, Allure Films helped set up a video streaming service for a couple at Cescaphe’s Vie during their microwedding.

Sara Sokolow & Mitchell Arch – Social from Allure Films by: Video One on Vimeo.

Just because your wedding may have shrunk in size does not mean the quality needs to. You may find yourself with a bit more spending money if you have had to reduce the size of your party. You could use this on a variety of levels for your wedding. From upgrading your floral arrangements to splurging more on higher end drinks and food. On the other hand, it may give you some extra cash for your post-wedding celebrations and purchases. 


Any way you choose to plan your wedding, it all comes down to one thing. Your day is about the love between you and your partner. It is a celebration of the two of you coming together and starting a new chapter in your lives. Whether it be a larger outdoor celebration, or a micro wedding, your day is simply that: yours.