Philip Gabriel Photography- Editor’s Choice Award 2021

Philip Gabriel Photography Editors Choice

Philip Gabriel Photography is a Media area business lead by award-winning wedding photographer Philip Gabriel. The team delivers a classic style of photography that will beautifully capture your wedding day. Each photo tells a story, and Philip Gabriel Photography will be there to document every special moment.

About Award Winning Wedding Photographer Gabe Fredericks & the PGP Team

The Philip Gabriel Photography team is based out of Media, PA, but their work spans the northeast from Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Maryland. The Wedding Photography team is led by Gabe Fredericks. Gabe was raised in a creative household by his father, Philip, so his passion for photography started at a young age and allowed him to get plenty of experience growing up. Gabe has natural talent as an artist, able to naturally catch light and staging with ease. 

Philip Gabriel Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
The Philip Gabriel Photography Team Captures Outdoor Wedding

Gabe’s artistic eye and work ethic have built an incredible team of photographers to handle your wedding day photography. The team delivers a classic style of photography while telling a story with each photo. The Philip Gabriel team works hard to make each shoot fun and non-intrusive so you can be fully immersed in your day. They also try to be interactive in the days leading up to your wedding as well as after your wedding to nurture a long-lasting relationship for years to come. Philip Gabriel Photography is perfect for your wedding day photos as well as family photoshoots down the line! The team focuses on what matters to you and works to nurture a genuine, long-lasting relationship.

Lauren Peterson of Philip Gabriel Photography spoke with us about her engagement and her tips for other newly engaged couples.

What is your best tip for newly engaged couples?

Philip Gabriel Photographs Wedding Day Couple
Gorgeous Shot of Couple on Their Wedding Day

Lauren recommends visiting sites like to scour out great wedding professionals and venues in your area. Start looking with your fiance to feel out the type of style you want for your wedding and get an idea of what kind of professionals you’d like to work with. Make sure you start by solidifying a date first so you can get everything planned out and then all of the details will fall into place. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and use the resources available to you!

What are some trends you’ve seen in the industry recently? 

Smaller micro weddings are obviously a big trend seen across the industry right now, and although things are opening back up, you will probably continue to see smaller weddings. Another trend from this season is keeping things true to you and your partner’s personalities and creating new traditions. Your wedding will be most memorable if you make it special and speak to your personality to stand out. 

What is your favorite part about working in wedding photography?

When asked about her favorite part about her job, Lauren said she loves working with couples to capture their love on their wedding day. It’s the most exciting moment for them, and that translates over to the photos. The best part is when the couple walks down the aisle as a married couple because the joy in their faces is so special!

For corporate events, Lauren loves traveling and meeting fun people during her shoots. Each project is unique and different, and the food photoshoots are always a good time. It may be exhausting, but it is satisfying! 

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Congratulations to the Philip Gabriel Team on their Philadelphia Wedding’s 2021 Editor’s Choice Award, and thank you to Lauren Peterson for her tips & stories!

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