Philip Gabriel Photography- Editor’s Choice Award 2023

Philip Gabriel Editors Choice

Philip Gabriel Photography – Editor’s Choice Award 2023

Award-winning wedding photographer Gabe Fredericks is the owner of Philip Gabriel Photography, a company in the Media neighborhood. They are located only a short distance from Philadelphia! Yet, their labor is spread across Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Philip Gabriel Photography has been documenting romantic moments between couples for more than 18 years. Philip Gabriel Photography will be present to take pictures that will each tell a story.


About Gabe Fredericks

The team’s leader is photographer Gabe Fredericks. Gabe is a talented artist by nature. Nobody else’s vision is like his. The same is true of his extraordinary sense of aesthetics and use of light. Art and design were all around Gabe as a child. Being raised in a creative environment aided in the development of Gabe’s enthusiasm. At a young age, his father Philip exposed him to photography. Needless to say, he was immediately hooked. Evidently, the name Philip Gabriel Photography was created by combining the names of Gabe and his father. One of the things that motivates Gabe in his career is his love and gratitude for his family. He works hard to record every important moment so that couples will have beautiful photographs to treasure forever.

Philip Gabriel Photography Couple with Flower

About the Philip Gabriel Team

Since you’ll be interacting with your photographer frequently, it’s crucial to establish a good rapport. The Philip Gabriel team makes an effort to engage with you both before and after your wedding in order to foster a relationship that will last for years to come. Every wedding concept is unique, and they are ready to accommodate your requirements. The staff spends time getting to know you and learning about your priorities. They regard photography as a fine art. And there is no doubt that their staff will go above and beyond to ensure the success of your wedding day.

Gabe was able to assemble an outstanding team thanks to his creative eye and hard ethic. They offer a timeless aesthetic that expertly depicts your wedding day. And they enjoy themselves while doing it! They take delight, for instance, in capturing spontaneous, genuine moments. They specialize in capturing the happiness you feel on your wedding day through photographs. Actually, shots are intended to be entertaining and unobtrusive. They want you to be fully absorbed in their day as they take great images. Also, the crew wants to use their efforts to truly express your special day. You’re safe with Philip Gabriel Photography. They facilitate the smooth running of your wedding day and capture each moment as it happens. Congratulations to Philip Gabriel team on their Philadelphia Wedding’s 2023 Editor’s Choice Award!


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