Philip Gabriel Photography- Editor’s Choice Award 2022

Philip Gabriel Editors Choice

Philip Gabriel Photography – Editor’s Choice Award 2022

Philip Gabriel Photography is a Media area business lead by award-winning wedding photographer Gabe Fredericks. They’re based just minutes outside Philadelphia! Yet, their work spans from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Maryland. For over 18 years, Philip Gabriel Photography has captured couple’s special moments. Each photo tells a story, and Philip Gabriel Photography will be there to document it all. 


About Gabe Fredericks

Gabe Fredericks leads the photography team. Gabe has natural talent as an artist. His vision is unlike anyone else’s. In the same way, his sense of beauty and use of light are incredible. Gabe grew up surrounded by art and design. Growing up in a creative background helped blossom Gabe’s passion. His father Philip introduced him to photography at a young age. And needless to say, he’s been hooked ever since. Also, evidently, the name Philip Gabriel Photography comes from the joining of Gabe and his father’s name. Gabe’s love and appreciation for his family is part of what drives him in his work. He strives to capture every grand moment so couple’s will have amazing photos to cherish forever.

Philip Gabriel Photography Couple with Flower

About the Philip Gabriel Team

Building a strong relationship with your photographer is important since you’ll be spending so much time with them. The Philip Gabriel team tries to be interactive before and after your wedding to nurture a long-lasting relationship for years to come. Every wedding vision is different and they are there to embrace your needs. The team takes the time to get to know you and understand what matters to you. To them, photography is an art. And without a doubt, their team will work above and beyond to make your wedding day a success.

Gabe’s artistic eye and work ethic helped him build an incredible team. They deliver a classic style that beautifully captures your wedding day. And they have fun in the process! For example, they take pride in capturing candid, real moments. Photographing the joy that you’re experiencing on your wedding day is what they do. In fact, shoots are designed to be fun and non-intrusive. They want to capture stunning photos while you’re fully immersed in their day. Also, the team wants to showcase a true a reflection of your special day with their work. With Philip Gabriel Photography, you’re in good hands. They make your wedding day run smoothly and document each moment along the way. Congratulations to Philip Gabriel team on their Philadelphia Wedding’s 2022 Editor’s Choice Award!


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