Why Consider a “Second Shooter” For Your Wedding

second shooter

Second Shooters
Having a second photographer at your wedding is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! The term “second photographer” can have multiple interpretations and it is so important to clarify what that means! For us, our second shooter is equally as talented and dedicated to capturing your wedding day memories.
While each couple’s wedding photography needs are different, there are endless benefits to having a second person capturing your big day!

Capturing More Memories
One of the biggest benefits of two dedicated photographers is ensuring that no moment is missed! It is difficult for even the most skilled photographer to be in two places at once and there are some cases where it is impossible. For instance, you may be getting ready in a completely different location from your husband or wife to be. With two photographers you can ensure both sides get equal coverage and nobody is rushing from place to place!

Different Perspectives
From walking down the aisle to the first dance, there are endless perspectives to capture! One photographer can catch the bride’s reaction walking down the aisle but miss the groom entirely. Or they may capture beautiful moments of the couple during their first dance, but they could miss the reactions of the guests! Two photographers allows for multiple perspectives to be captured which adds to the overall feel for the day.

The Big Moments and Fine Details
One photographer can be more focused on the big picture of the day and the other can work on capturing some of the finer details. For example the reception is a great time to capture those fun candid moments of guests dancing and some group shots with friends and family. One photographer can dedicate themselves to the dancing moments while the other can go around the room photographing the smaller groups.


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