Donate Your Wedding Flowers!

Donate Your Wedding Flowers!

Are you looking to incorporate sustainable wedding ideas into your big day? Do you hate the thought of seeing your  beautiful wedding flowers go to waste? Well we have a wedding idea for you! Jerry and Alixandra Lui partnered with Forget Me Knot to create the perfect way to repurpose their flowers. Instead of throwing perfectly good flowers away, they decided to donate their wedding flowers to those in need! They wanted to spread positivity, love and happiness to people who could use the extra boost.

Their Story


Wedding Idea of Nurse Holding Donated Flowers
These beautiful arrangements were given to hardworking nurses at Jefferson Hospital. Such a kind gesture to brighten their day!

“When we first started the wedding planning process, we made a list of things that we needed to have and things we’d like to have. Donating our wedding flowers was on the top of our list. Rather than see our flowers go to waste and in a trash heap, we worked with Forget Me Knot to repurpose them. We wanted to continue to spread our love to others. The past few years have been tough for everyone. We’ve seen first hand how simply showing someone that you care can go a long way.

When we first spoke with Leona from Forget Me Knot, you could tell how passionate she was with her mission. She told us stories of how patients at senior living facilities would see the repurposed flowers and reminisce about their special day. Our florist, @camelliafairestudio, did an amazing job with our wedding and have worked with Forget Me Knot in the past, so the process was extremely simple. The cards provided with the repurposed flowers greatly summarized our wedding and flowers. “Love is warmth & love is caring. Love is kind and love is sharing.”

Forget Me Knot donates wedding flowers to many different people and organizations!

Thank you Jerry for sharing your sustainable wedding idea. If you’re looking to donate your wedding flowers, Forget Me Knot is the perfect group to reach out to. Check them out on Instagram as well at @forgetmeknotflowers. They’re experts in spreading kindness to brighten someone’s day!