The Logan Hotel: Hometown Hospitality Stars

The Logan Hotel

Featuring Senior Sales Manager for The Logan Hotel, Angela Giannetti

Senior Catering Sales Manager for The Logan Hotel, Angela Giannetti, linked up with us this week for another edition of Hometown Hospitality Stars. The Logan Hotel is one of Philadelphia’s finest, and Angela discusses the changes their team had to make during the last few months. Angela says her specific job is that she has “the privilege to sell and plan the wedding and social events here at The Logan Hotel, allowing me the profound honor to create and bear witness to so many once in a lifetime memories each and every day with our team.” She gave us great insight on The Logan and her view of the current and future wedding industry. 

The Logan Hotel

1. What is a way you’ve seen the community come together during this time?

“In times of crisis it can be easy to focus on the negative. However, during the past several months it has been amazing to see people from all walks of life come together to support each other. Co-workers checking in on each other, sharing stories, advice and words of support. Friends and family finding new and creative ways to stay connected while staying apart. In a way, I feel more connected to my community now than ever before.”

The Logan Hotel

2. What is something your company has done for the community?

This spring, at the height of the pandemic, The Logan Hotel was closed to guests, and while the inside of the hotel was empty, our outdoor courtyard was in full bloom. Packed with beautiful tulips and fresh green grass- we didn’t want it to go to waste. We knew there were a countless number of couples who were forced to cancel their big wedding celebrations due to the pandemic and we wanted to help. We partnered with Philip Gabriel Photography and offered to host free mirco-weddings in our courtyard to any couple whose wedding was impacted by COVID-19. We provided the space, socially distanced chairs, and coordination for their celebrations, while also offering each couple a complimentary overnight stay at the hotel for a future date. Philip Gabriel provided free photography for each couple to remember the amazing day. In the end, we hosted 15 micro weddings, each more beautiful than the last. One of our weddings even went viral, as the couple was doing their first look during a Black Lives Matter protest! The images speak for themselves. Truly an unforgettable experience and something that we were so happy to be able to provide for our community. “

The Logan Hotel

3. What is a positive change you’ve seen in your company over the last few months?

“I have always been so fortunate to be a member of The Logan team and 2020 has only reaffirmed this feeling. Throughout the past several months, job descriptions no longer exist. It is truly an all hands on deck mentality from the very top down. We have had our General Manager stripping beds in housekeeping, our Director of Sales and Marketing planting flowers in the courtyard, our Sales team hanging lights on the terrace, our Engineering and Security teams setting up ceremony chairs, and so many more examples of our small, but mighty, team coming together to get the job done for our guests.”

The Logan Hotel

4. What is your forecast for the future of the wedding industry?

A lesson learned throughout this experience is that nothing can stop love. The wedding business continues to look strong for 2021, combined with the postponed weddings from 2020, next year is looking to be a record high for our team. We are keeping our eye out for new trends and best practices for food service and guest safety (always putting our own Logan twist on things) to ensure our wedding couples have a night they will never forget. “

The Logan Hotel

5. What is a positive change you’ve seen in the event industry?

The event industry, specifically in Philadelphia, has continued to innovate during this time. We saw our industry step outside their typical wheelhouse and provide services to answer the needs of today. We saw Slay Designs create face masks, DFW Event Designs create an amazing floral installation in Rittenhouse Square out of materials left from cancelled events as well as many companies going above and beyond to aide our front line workers. I have personally experienced a higher sense of camaraderie within the industry. Everyone checking in on each other, seeing how they can help, sharing tips or status updates. Something that could have ripped us apart, has actually brought us all together. “

6. What is your favorite story from the last few months from your industry or company?

“Phew! The last few months feel like years and every day was different than the last! Looking back, a specific weekend does come to mind that reminds me of the amazing Logan team.  

We had three outdoor weddings in three days, and Hurricane Laura was heading our way. The team rushed together to source tents and lights and everything we could to prepare. However, as always, Mother Nature had a different plan. The storm came a day early and crashed over one of tents, blew out the table display and everything else that comes with a sudden downpour and hurricane winds. In true Logan fashion, it was all hands on deck. We had the banquet team setting and resetting as the storm passed, the engineering team helping to secure new tents, front office associates polishing silverware, and the list goes on. At the end of the weekend all three ceremonies, one Jewish, one Catholic and one Hindu, all went on to be amazing events. I walked away from the weekend feeling so fortunate to be able to witness love and tradition in all its forms. Even if we were a little damp, the team at The Logan is one that I am proud to be a part of each and every day.”

Special thank you to Angela Giannetti for her great information on the wedding industry and The Logan Hotel! The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in all different ways. We are happy to see positivity being spread during this time. We will continue to hear from more Event Professionals in the near future. Keep up to date with us by following us on our website, facebook, and instagram. 

Photo Credit to McShea Photography and Philip Gabriel Photography