Vito and Bill’s Beachside Wedding

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

We were honored to be invited to our friends’ wedding at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Their heartfelt vows left everyone in awe. At the beginning of his vows, Bill stated, “When I first accepted to myself that I was gay, my biggest sadness is that I was never going to fall in love and get married, but then I met you.” Bill and Vito compliment each other and fit together so well. They even both say in their vows, “You’re my Lego, we fit together perfectly.”
Hard Rock Riviera Maya
Life is a party with these two. So many people, family and friends, came forward to celebrate with them on their special day. Every speech showcased what amazing people these two are, and how well they work together as a couple. In Vito’s brother’s speech, he says, “Vito and Bill set the stand for how relationships should be.” It is impossible not to see the spark between these two and we were so happy to witness their wedding. Just like Bill’s mother said in her speech, “love is love is love.”Congratulations to our friends! We wish you many more days filled with smiles, laughter, and dancing.

Hard Rock Riviera MayaCheck out their wedding preview video below!

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