Experts’ Corner: BVT Live’s Kurt Titchenell

BVT Live!

We interviewed BVT Live’s President, Kurt Titchenell (center), to get an inside scoop on the wedding entertainment industry. Kurt started BVT Live! in 1999, originally as a member of the band Jellyroll. Now he runs the entertainment agency that brings together Philadelphia dance bands. He answered a few questions for us about BVT and the wedding industry.

What are the most important things to ask when selecting live entertainment?

“‘How long has the band been together?’ ‘How many wedding does the band perform regularly?’ and ‘ Is the band I see, the band I should expect at my wedding, and when was the last time a band member has changed?’ The longer a band has performed together and the more a band performs is an obvious sign of success.  The busier bands attract and retain the best talent!”

What are some trends in wedding music that you are currently seeing?

“We are receiving more requests for 80s and 90s music, as well as for contemporary.  High energy dance music remains most popular.”

What is the favorite part of your job at BVT Live?

“Our favorite part of what we do is making our clients dream come true through the gift of live music.  Nothing is better than our happy couples and families at the end of a wedding.  We are also motivated by the fact that we are able to keep so many wonderful, and gifted musicians busy!”

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