Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Wow!

by Philip Gabriel Photography July 19th, 2018

wedding favor

There is no better way to thank all your guests for helping you celebrate your big day, than with a favor!

With so many details to remember when planning a wedding, coming up with unique wedding favor ideas might seem like just another daunting task to undertake. Don’t stress…we’re here to help!

Planning, creating, and giving wedding favors doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Here are a few tips from Philip Gabriel Photography on choosing a memorable wedding favor your guests will love:

Make it practical!
You want your guests to not only enjoy their favor, but be able to use it. Think of something you would want to receive as a gift and go from there! Some of our favorites that we have seen at weddings we’ve photographed are potted plants and beautiful dish towels, just to name a few.






Make it edible!
Giving your guests a sweet treat or savor snack is a great favor for all ages! Whether you go for fun shaped cookies or custom hot sauce, food is usually a great way to go.






Make it custom!
There is no better way to bring your flair to favors than with custom labels and tags! We have seen so many fun ways couples have customized their favors, including personalized mini champagne bottles.







Make it yours!
Whatever wedding favor you choose, make it uniquely you! It can reflect your personalities, favorite things, or tie into the theme or color scheme of your wedding day.






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