Wedding Film Tips From Tim Sudall

Selecting a Videographer is very much like selecting your Photographer.  There is a wide range of styles and approaches for you to consider.  In making your selection you should not only view the specific styles but also feel comfortable that the Video Professional you select shares the same passion and vision you have for your Wedding.

Today, the use of bright lights and microphones can be replaced with discrete transparent documentary coverage.  You now have the ability to relive all the power and emotion of your Wedding without even remembering that a Videographer was present.  With DVD technology, you can access just the right scene of the video for your specific audience. Most videographers offer you a shorter and longer version all on one disc.  The Internet also provides a great way for your to easily share your shorter video with the all of your family and friends with one click.

Great life moments are plentiful during a wedding celebration; just imagine being able to share your family history with future generations.  How fantastic would it be if we could all sit down tonight and watch your Grandparents’ Wedding DVD?  Your Grandchildren will.

Tim Sudall
Wedding Video Journalist

Video One Productions