Philadelphia Weddings’ Top Picks for Photographers

Ralph Deal

Most every wedding has a photographer present, and their photos will last a lifetime after your special day. Philadelphia Weddings has our top picks for wedding photographers in the Philadelphia region. Have a look at our favorites and check out our Wedding Professionals page for more information on these great photographers! 

Philip Gabriel Photography

Led by Gabe Fredricks, Philip Gabriel Photography’s goal is to create photography that captures detail and interesting elements to make your wedding photos pop. Gabe Fredericks grew up in a creative household where he grew in his creative skill and mindset. Gabe began photography from a very young age, and has immersed himself in the art ever since. Inspired by his father, Philip, Gabe created Philip Gabriel Photography. He and his team make every bride and groom their priority. With their bubbly personalities and can-do attitude, the Philip Gabriel team will go above and beyond to get their clients their dream wedding photos. 

Phillip Gabrielle Photography
Bride photography by Philip Gabriel

Phillip Gabriel Photography Philadelphia Wedding

Baiada Photography

Baiada Photography is a Father and Son team with exemplary attention to detail. They strive to capture more than just the wedding as a whole, but the intimate moments between individuals. Tony Baiada uses his personal experience on his own wedding day as inspiration for their approach to photography. His elderly grandfather mustered up the energy to dance while holding onto a chair, and Tony joined him as soon as he saw the effort his grandfather put into celebrating the wedding. Unfortunately, the photographer missed this moment, focusing too much on the broader view of the event. To Tony, this was such an important moment that he is not able to show, and now he uses this as a model to go against. He focuses on capturing people, not just events. 

Biada Photography Wedding Photo
Wedding photo by Baiada photography
Biada Photography Wedding Dance
Baiada Photography captures first dance

Campli Photography

David Campli is the driving force behind Campli Photography. With his years of experience and connection to his art, he takes stunning photos for all of his clients. As a family man at heart, he knows that a wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and strives to photograph the memories that started it all. After 25 years of experience, he continues to grow with his work be as authentic as possible. 

Campil Photography Bride Wedding Day
Campli Photography – Wedding Day Photo of Bride
Campil Photography Wedding Day
Bride on Wedding Day by Campli Photography

Cliff Mautner Photography

Cliff Mautner has many years in the photography business. He started out by working for the Philadelphia Inquirer, traveling the world to capture photos of life abroad. He uses these experiences to shape his career today. His photographs for the newspaper told a story, and now he uses this model to make his wedding photography into your story. 

Cliff Mautner Photography
Cliff Mautner Photography
Cliff Mautner Photographyy Bride Reading Note
Cliff Mautner Photography captures special moments

Morby Photography

Started by Mike Morby, Morby Photography takes a unique take on the traditional wedding photo. He uses creative strategies with dramatic lighting and angles. Mike has gone from a one-man team to a strong team of six over the years. His whole team strives to make wedding photos look as magical as the day feels. Using light as the central theme of his photography, Mike trains his team to make their photography unique to set them apart from other photographers. The team has photographed hundreds of weddings and still strives to increase their creativity and skill to achieve the perfect shot. 

Morby Photography in Philadelphia
Wedding Photography by Morby Photography
Morby Photography
Wedding Photography by Morby Photography

Philadelphia wedding photo by Philip Gabriel

Ralph Deal Photography

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Ralph Deal started out as a professional musician for fifteen years before his journey into photography. Ralph has always been passionate in the arts, and when his wife wanted to travel, he found the best way to document their trips was through photography. He quickly found a new passion in photography and wanted to continue to capture memories for other couples as well. Ralph’s unyielding passion gave him the impressive work ethic he uses to create beautiful photography for his clientele. 


Wedding Photography
Ralph Deal Photography – Wedding Photographer
Ralph Deal Photography – Wedding Photographer

Susan Beard Design Co.

Since 1990, Susan Beard has improved and expanded her photography business. Her goal as a photographer is to make images that feel alive. Susan’s photographs capture delicate moments where you can see and feel the emotion that is happening. The Susan Beard Design team works to create with exceptionally high quality and an innovative mindset. Along with these standards, she and her team have a great passion and dedication to the art of photography. Her end results showcase her talents and standards, giving her clients the best possible photographs. 

Wedding Photography
Susan Beard Design Co. – Wedding Photographer
Susan Beard Design Co. – Wedding Photographer

Susan Stripling Photography

Susan Stripling has created a business that she loves, day in and day out. Simply, she loves showcasing love and telling a story. After traveling from Atlanta, to Florida, and back to New York City, she and her business found a home. She says the world works in mysterious ways, and even though she started out in theater, photography became her passion. Her goal is to bring joy to her clients and create images with sincerity and authenticity.

Susan Stripling bride photo
Wedding photography by Susan Stripling
Susan Stripling Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Susan Stripling

For more information on these photographers, head over to our Wedding Professionals page for details and contact information!