BLDG 39 at The Arsenal

BLDG 39 Beautiful Wedding Venue Dinner
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BLDG 39 at The Arsenal

Philadelphia Wedding Venue

Erected in 1917 during the wartime era & tucked just inside of the stone confines of the Frankford Arsenal, BLDG39 originated as the paint shop, in a complex designed to build munitions used to defend our nation’s freedom.

We’ve thoughtfully remade this space, preserving the history within its walls, to honor the brave sacrifices made yesterday, so we may celebrate life today.

Planning a Wedding at BLDG 39

We’ve purposefully designed BLDG39 to be your blank canvas, capable of supporting a wide range of event types.

Our event space consists of 2500 sq ft of open floor plan including an additional 1000 sq ft of outdoor area.

The 30 foot high ceilings, 7 fans, non-recycled air conditioning, and commercial garage doors make BLDG39 the prime example of a highly ventilated space, coveted during these times.

Our shared kitchen is also home to some of the finest local catering and mobile food businesses, providing you with a unique opportunity to curate a memorable event unlike any other.

Imagine a cocktail hour from one of our preferred caterers with a garage door thrown open for a food truck or cart selected from our community of mobile food operators.

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5401 Tacony St BLDG 39, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania 19137