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by BVTLive! June 13, 2018

 wedding workouts
The amount of planning is at times, overwhelming, and the anticipation for that day grows stronger and stronger. Will everything go okay? Is everyone going to make it? Will we all look good in pictures? Suddenly, the thought that every single person’s eyes will be on you as you marry the love of your life hits. Sure, you’re thinking about how great it’s going to be but you can’t scratch that feeling that you wouldn’t mind losing a few extra pounds before the wedding. The question is – how? First off, stay calm. Crash diet plans won’t give you the energy you need to keep up with the stress and you don’t have time to sit there and lift weights for hours at a time. So what do you do? Luckily, we can help! If you are looking to really get in shape for your big day here are some wedding workouts and tips for dropping some weight, looking your best, and getting rid of some of that stress while you’re at it:

1. Start With Water

The body needs water. It’s pivotal for a lot of things including circulation, energy, and weight loss. Don’t know how much water to drink? Here’s an easy way to give yourself a solid average amount: Take your body weight in pounds and cut it by half. That’s how many ounces you need per day. Adding in a workout? Toss in an extra 16 ounces per one hour workout you do. Hydration is obviously important for the success of wedding workouts. Not only will your body thank you but your skin, mood, and energy levels will look and feel A LOT better!

2. Don’t hit your significant other, instead do some H.I.I.T.

wedding workouts.
H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) is a GREAT way to blow off some steam, destress, improve circulation, and drop weight – and it’s super effective for wedding workouts! In fact, there are studies out there that have expressed that H.I.I.T. a few times a week dramatically helps reduce weight quicker than most other exercise methods. Not sure how to go about High Intensity Interval Training? Try Kickboxing Classes. These workouts have been sweeping the nation and provide the type of training you need. As CKO Kickboxing Owner, Abby Travelina, noted, “CKO Kickboxing is a guided one hour workout where you’re hitting a real heavy bag at your own pace. It’s a group class run by a certified instructor who calls out kickboxing combinations and calisthenics for any level, male or female. No experience is required and you get one heck of a great High Intensity Interval Workout.”

3. Cake Samples aren’t a meal – Can I REALLY Eat the Treat?

wedding workouts
If you’ve got the water thing down and you’ve gotten yourself to a CKO Kickboxing studio, you’ve already taken two HUGE steps in the right direction and are well on your way to the figure you’re striving for. Now you have to worry about food. There’s a lot of parties to go to, cake samples to try, and of course everyone wants to see you before the wedding for a nice dinner! That’s A LOT of calories. Are they okay? Well, calories are energy, so yes, you DO need energy. Although you want to try to avoid overwhelming your body with excess calories – especially sugar. Sugar is NOT your friend. Sure, it’s appealing and sweet and all but your body will go the wrong direction if you give it a lot of sugar all the time. That’s not good energy. So how do you eat right? It’s all about moderation and not starving yourself. Eat clean foods, avoid sugars and fried foods and most of all – DON’T SKIP MEALS! Your body WANTS the right foods to keep it going. Skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner will send your body into starvation mode! When the body enters that mode, it’s going to save every single last bit of food you give it – which means it won’t dump the parts of those snacks you don’t need. Trust us, that’s going to lead to love handles for the wedding and that’s not the kind of love you want.

4. Support Systems help with Accountability.

wedding workouts

Friends might be telling you they want to take you out for a drink (alcohol is HEAVY on that sugar) and sometimes you might be tempted to eat that stress away along with sippin’ on some wine. “No one is going to know”, “it’s just ONE (or 7) time”, “it counts as a new day if it’s after midnight”… STOP MAKING EXCUSES! If you find yourself making up excuses and not following a set plan, it might be a good idea to look around for some Accountability help. There are programs designed to help you stick with wedding workouts. Want to take it to the next level, try a program that helps you with points 1, 2, & 3 like the one at CKO Kickboxing that we mentioned before! “Our 10 Week Program is a nutritional based program that gives you one on one coaching on how to eat right AND enjoy some treat meals while tossing in some personal training AND unlimited CKO Kickboxing Classes. It’s a VERY popular program with wedding parties who are trying to find an all in one way to look good and feel good for their upcoming wedding. It lasts 10 weeks and makes working out fun and easy by taking out all the research, fear, and guilt. We guide you every step of the way!” Explained Abby. A Support System is KEY during those months before the wedding so why not have the entire wedding party work together on the same goals so everyone can look perfect for those wedding photos?

Weddings are a lot of fun but planning them often means A LOT of work. Stress can add weight to the body in lots of different ways and well, let’s face it, we all want to punch something sometimes. Find ways to bring it all together and enjoy the experience of planning a wedding instead of going nuts trying every last way to look good. Sweatin’ for the Weddin’ doesn’t have to be a chore if you arm yourself with the tools you need!

wedding workouts
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