J Scott Catering: Hometown Hospitality Stars

Featuring President of J. Scott Catering, Scott Walsh

President of J. Scott Catering, Scott Walsh, spoke with us this week to participate in Hometown Hospitality Stars. Over the last few months, the entire hospitality industry has been greatly affected. Scott gave us some insight on what it has been like for his company and how we look toward the future. Scott says his job surrounds one ideology: “No matter how big we get, we are still putting out an excellent product and achieving our clients expectations.” Though his company has had to make some changes this year, he achieved that in different ways. We asked him to expand on that through the following questions. 

1. What is a way you’ve seen the community come together during this time? What is something your company has done for the community? 

“We echoed Domenick Savino’s Food for the Frontline initiative and partnered with Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, along with Susan Hamley of Brandywine Valley. During the Thanksgiving holiday, we continued our Frontline project. We delivered Thanksgiving meals to those working on the Holiday, specifically Fire Departments and Police Departments in Chester County.” 

2. What is a positive change you’ve seen in your company over the last few months?

“The team realizing we’re all in this together. Everybody is trying to work harder and help the company get through these tough times. Weddings aren’t being cancelled, they are just being postponed to 2021 and 2022. Our team-based work environment has held us up over the last few months.” 

J Scott Catering

3. What is your forecast for the future of the wedding industry?

“Almost ingrained in our DNA is to get together and celebrate. Nothing can ultimately stop that. Right now, the tide of the community is to hunker down, but once there is confidence with a vaccine out there, there will be high demand. I predict a heavy third and fourth quarter of 2021.”

4. What is a positive change you’ve seen in the event industry?

“Our Private Event Professionals of Pennsylvania (PEPPA)  initiative was a great way to bring competitors together to work and keep the industry afloat. We’re talking about the challenges in a way where we can build each other up instead of competing. Now every Thursday we get together for a zoom call to talk about how to better our situations and work together.

J Scott Catering

5. What is your favorite story from the last few months from your industry or company?

“Two things. First and foremost, it’s a kitschy saying but “Love survives!” People don’t want to cancel their wedding but postpone it. They want to keep the faith and bring their friends and family together. At the beginning of the pandemic, after Food for the Frontline, the emails, letters, and support we received from the community was so great to hear. Those people saying how much they appreciated what we were doing was amazing.”

J Scott Catering

Special thank you to Scott Walsh for his great insight on the wedding industry and J Scott Catering! The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in all different ways. We are happy to see positivity being spread during this time. We will continue to hear from more Event Professionals in the near future. Keep up to date with us by following us on our website, facebook, and instagram.