Philadelphia Weddings’ Top Picks for Photographers

Ralph Deal

Top Picks for Wedding Photography in Philadelphia!

Almost every wedding has a photographer present, and their photos will last a lifetime after your special day. Your wedding day will be a blur of happy moments and mingling with loved ones. Worrying about if your photographer is getting the right shot should not be on your wedding day to-do list. Your wedding photography will last a lifetime, so ensuring you are picking the right photographer is crucial. 

Philadelphia Weddings has done the tough work for you and vetted our top picks for Philadelphia wedding photographers. Have a look at our Editor’s Choice favorites and check out our Wedding Professionals page for more information on these great photographers!

Philip Gabriel Photography

A team led by Gabe Fredericks, Philip Gabriel Photography’s goal is to create photography that captures detail and interesting elements to make your wedding photos pop. Gabe Fredericks was raised in a creative household where he grew his eye for composition and practiced his artistic skillset. He began photography from a very young age and has immersed himself in the art ever since. Inspired by his father, Philip, Gabe created Philip Gabriel Photography. By meshing together both their talents and names, the father and son duo recruited a team of talented photographers.

Phillip Gabriel Photography- Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Bride photography by Philip Gabriel Photography

As a family man and father, Gabe understands the need to catch the right moment. Capturing the once-in-a-lifetime memories of your wedding day takes a practiced team. Philip Gabriel Photography’s style is varied, but the photos highlight beautifully lit scenes that showcase the bride and groom.

Phillip Gabriel Photography Philadelphia Wedding
Couple with Philadelphia City Line by Philip Gabriel Photography

The talented team of Gabriel Philips Photography makes every bride and groom their priority. They have a great energy that translates into their photographs and has made them a top photographer. With their bubbly personalities and can-do attitude, the Philip Gabriel team will go above and beyond to get clients their dream wedding photos. 

Baiada Photography

Baiada Photography is a Father and Son Philadelphia wedding photographer team with exemplary attention to detail. Tony & Sal strive to capture more than just the wedding as a whole, but the intimate moments between individuals. The Baiada Photography team tells a story with each photo, documenting not only the big events but the special memories in between. It isn’t easy to translate the feeling of a day into a photo, but the Baiada team has mastered this.

Baiada Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Bridal Party
Wedding Party Photo by Baiada Photography

Tony Baiada & Sal use their personal experience on their own wedding day as inspiration for their approach to photography. Tony’s elderly grandfather mustered up the energy to dance while holding onto a chair. Tony joined him as soon as he saw the effort his grandfather put into celebrating the wedding. Unfortunately, the photographer missed this moment, focusing too much on the broader view of the event. This was an important moment to Tony that he was only captured in his memory. His wedding day inspired him to focus on capturing people, not just events. 

Baiada Photography Philly Photographer Wedding Dance
Baiada Photography Captures Newlyweds First Dance

Years of experience passed down from father to son give the Baiada Photography duo a special touch for your wedding. The most important thing on your wedding day is you, and that is exactly what Baiada Photography prioritizes with your wedding day photography.

Tonjanika Smith

Inspired by her own family, which she calls her ‘rainbow squad’, Tonjanika Smith started her photography business to represent multicultural weddings. Although it is just her on the team right now, after 5 years in the business her photography clients are growing rapidly. Rooted in truth and love, she hopes to inspire creativity in her clients as well as the students she teaches.  Tonjanika believes everyone deserves to have beautiful wedding photos to cherish for decades, making her an Editor’s Choice photographer in the Philadelphia area.

Couple Outside with Sparklers by Tonjanika Smith Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Couple Celebrates Wedding with Sparklers and Kiss by Tonjanika Smith

Tonjanika’s bright and joyful personality translates over to each and every photo she takes. She describes her style as colorful and natural. Each of her photos reflects every emotion felt on your special day- whether that be happiness, joy, or tears. Tonjanika’s photos appear soft and romantic as they focus on the beauty and uniqueness of each couple. 

Beautiful Outdoor Shot of Bride by Tonjanika Smith Philly Wedding Photographer
Beautiful Shot of Bride Outside by Philly Photographer Tonjanika Smith

As a photographer, Tonjanika hopes to make every client feel like their best selves on their wedding day. She wants her brides and grooms to feel professionally pampered and make it feel like the absolute best day of their lives. Every wedding day is different. Tonjanika is a photographer that lets it all unfold naturally and captures each special moment authentically.

Campli Photography

David Campli is the driving force behind the team of Campli Photography. As a top photographer with years of experience, he not only takes great care of his clients but also delivers stunning photographs. David is a family man at heart. He knows that a wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and he strives to photograph the memories that started it all. A top photographer doesn’t just take beautiful photos. They also know how to communicate well with clients and act in a professional manner, and that is exactly what you get with Campli Photography.

Campil Photography Bride Wedding Day in Philadelphia
Campli Photography – Wedding Day Photo of Bride

With a strong connection to his art, David Campli is a natural-born leader. He has worked hard over the years to recruit an amazing team of experts who absolutely love what they do. Campli Photography has a unique style that catches your marriage from engagement to reception. The variety of shots you get with this team is unrivaled, giving you all the highlights and in-betweens on your big day. 

Campil Photography Wedding Day
Bride on Wedding Day by Campli Photography

After 25 years of experience, David Campli continues to grow his work to be authentic as a Philadelphia wedding photographer. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your photography team so the essence of your day can be truly captured. Campli Photography will do just that, going above and beyond for your photographs and making you feel at home. 

Cliff Mautner Photography

Cliff Mautner has many years in the photography business, making him one of our Editor’s Choice photographers in the Philly area. He started out as a photojournalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, traveling the world to capture photos of life abroad. He uses these experiences to shape his career today. His photographs for the newspaper told a story, and now he uses this model to make his wedding photography into your story. 

Cliff Mautner Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Cliff Mautner Photography Bride with Flower Girls

Working mainly in the Philadelphia and New York area, Cliff uses his experience to showcase you in an authentic way with each timeless photo. Using his technical skills, he knows how to capture any situation with perfect lighting and composition. Cliff hopes to make you feel the same emotion in each shot that you felt in the moment it was taken.

Cliff Mautner Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photos Bride Reading Note
A Special Moment Captured by Cliff Mautner Photography

Cliff Mautner’s dedication to his art is shown by his numerous awards and by the sheer amount of photos he has taken in his lifetime. If you are looking for photos you can cherish forever taken by a diligent artist, Cliff Mautner Photography is a great option for your wedding day photographer.

Morby Photography

After friends and family continued to ask Mike Morby to photograph their weddings, Mike took the leap to start Morby Photography. Just like the perfect shot, many things happen by surprise, and his photography business was not an exception. In the beginning, Morby Photography grew organically through word of mouth. The team has now blossomed into an Editor’s Choice photography team in the Philly area. With a strong desire to continue learning and explore new artistic styles, the Morby Photography team is always improving and exceeding client’s expectations.

Morby Photography Wedding Photos in Philadelphia
Center City Philadelphia Wedding Photography by Morby Photography

Morby Photography takes a unique take on the traditional wedding photo. He uses creative strategies with dramatic lighting and unique angles to capture moments. Mike has gone from a one-man team to a strong team of six over the years. His whole team strives to make wedding photos look as magical as the day feels. Using light as the central theme of his photography, Mike trains his team to use different styles to set them apart from other Philadelphia wedding photographers. 

Morby Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Newlywed Couple Drives Away by Morby Photography

Mike has traveled across the globe to photograph and has brought this energy into every shot taken by Morby Photography. The team is inspired by, “creativity, romance, and emotion”. Morby Photography has photographed hundreds of weddings and still strives to increase creativity and skill to achieve the perfect shot. 

Ralph Deal Photography

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Ralph Deal started out as a professional musician for fifteen years before his journey into photography. Ralph has always been passionate about the arts. So when his wife wanted to travel, he found the best way to document their trips was through photography. He quickly found a new passion in photography and wanted to continue to capture memories for other couples as well. Ralph’s unyielding passion gave him the impressive work ethic he uses to create beautiful photography for his clientele. 

Ralph Deal Photography Outdoor Wedding Photos
Married Couple Poses Outside by Ralph Deal Photography

Ralph Deal Photography has years of experience in a variety of photography styles. No matter your preference, he’ll be able to capture it just right and make you feel comfortable in the process. He loves to hear your love story and plans ahead so you can incorporate that into your photo style. Using his knowledge of posing, lighting, and exposure, he’s able to trap the essence of your wedding day into a collection of shots. Whether it is inside or outdoors, rain or shine, Ralph Deal will combine his creative talents with his passion for storytelling to capture every single moment perfectly. 

Ralph Deal Photography Broad Street Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Ralph Deal Photography Couple Walks Down Broad Street Philadelphia

It’s clear that Ralph Deal is passionate about being a top photographer by the effort he puts into his work and your big day. Wedding photos should capture the natural magic that happens between a bride and groom, and this is Ralph Deal’s priority. 

Susan Stripling Photography

Susan Stripling has created a business that she loves, day in and day out. After traveling from Atlanta to Florida to New York City, she and her business chose a home in the big apple. Susan believes the world works in mysterious ways. Even though she started out working in the theater, photography quickly became her passion. Her dedication to her clients has grown her wedding photography business into a household name and has made her one of our Editor’s Choice photographers. 

Susan Stripling Philadelphia Wedding Photos Dramatic Bride
Black and White Photo of Bride by Susan Stripling Photography

Susan Stripling’s timeless photographic style documents each moment as they unfold throughout your wedding day. Each shot is taken candidly and edited naturally so every photo is a time capsule of the moment. She takes her photography skills, adds in the energy of your day, and creates a library of images that capture each moment. 

Susan Stripling Wedding Photographer Philadelphia Cityscape
Susan Stripling Photography Captures Couple with Philly Skyline

Susan has received many awards in her two decades of experience in the Philadelphia and New York area. She also shoots destination weddings and finds joy in making her clients feel beautiful. Her goal is to bring happiness to her clients and to create images with authenticity. Susan’s passion is showcasing love, and it is clear from her photography how much she cares about every single shot.

With many different styles to choose from, you may have trouble deciding between one photographer. You may even want to consider a second shooter on your big day to make sure every special moment is captured. Regardless of who you choose, any of our Top Picks for Philadelphia area wedding photographers will be incredible. For more information on these top Philadelphia wedding photographers, head over to our Wedding Professionals page for details and contact information!