Top 10 Wedding Tips For Future Brides

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We gathered some of our favorite wedding tips from some of our vendors and created the ultimate list of tips and tricks for brides to be. If you’re planning your wedding and need some helpful, creative ideas, then you’re in the right place!

Wedding Tips from Allure Films

“Have a late night snack station! Snack stations are an easy addition to any wedding. They’ll keep people satisfied while winding down for the night.”

“When you capture your wedding on video, you are capturing it forever. But, you aren’t only getting your wedding film for your lifetime, but for your children and grandchildren as well. This is a video that will be passed down for generations.”

“Outfit changes give guests an extra little surprise during your wedding. Everyone is patiently waiting to see the newly married couple and an outfit change just increases the excitement! Usually brides change their dress between the ceremony and reception, but why can’t the groom also? Before the big walkout, have the groom change his suit jacket to another color or style! Or the inside of the jacket can reveal a special embroidery or color to show off. This is a perfect way to add a little fun to your wedding day.”

“With a wedding video, you will see moments you may have missed, and so will your guests! Not everyone has perfect vision or a front-row seat, so you are doing everyone a favor by capturing your wedding on video. Your wedding film will capture your wedding story exactly as it unfolds.”

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Wedding Tips from Philip Gabriel Photography 

“We know that some of the biggest moments on your wedding day can happen in a split second, so it is crucial that you trust your photographer will capture each moment so you can just enjoy being with the ones you love.”

“There is no better way to keep the energy of your reception up, than getting people on the dance floor all night long! We find more and more couples – and music professionals – are encouraging their guest to dance in between courses, rather than waiting until everyone has finished eating.”

“Enjoy each and every moment of your reception, and do it your way! Play the songs you love, eat the food you crave, and take it all as you celebrate love with your new husband or wife!”

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Wedding Tips from BVTLive!

“Choose the venue – make sure the venue is available for the time of year you want your wedding to be in. Also make sure it holds the amount of people that you are planning on inviting.”

“When it comes to your live entertainment, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. In choosing your music you should enjoy the process of finding a band or DJ that is right for you. It should be fun, and a great band will offer a number of different ways for you to learn about and see their group.”

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Photos: Philip Gabriel Photography